Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Adams, LPN

This December, Jennifer Adams will celebrate 25 years with GIA. She has served as an LPN with Dr. John Haydek for most of her career. She sees patients, coordinates schedules and triages patient phone calls. Since Dr. Haydek is a specialist in Barrett’s esophagus, which is caused when stomach acid damages the esophagus, she is an advocate for esophagus health … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Kathi Lonas, Supervisor

“Education is the most important part of my job. I want our patients to understand how their insurance works and discuss all charges ahead of time so there are no surprises,” says Kathi Lonas, front office supervisor for GIA. “After 32 years with GIA, I’m the resident expert for patient insurance education.” Kathi started at GIA working with Dr. Kent … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Gina Rains, PRN

“I went to work for GIA in October of 1985, and I was employee number 15 doing patient care for office endoscopy,” Gina Rains shares. “Back then, the scopes were rigid, and we were so limited Now I’m retired from full-time work and am so blessed to be a PRN. After years of being a manager, it’s good to just … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Mary Garner, Certified Medical Coder

Mary Garner started in the GIA business office working in the insurance department in 1991. Today, she works full time as a certified medical coder, and at age 80 is considering her retirement – perhaps this July on her 30th anniversary. “I’m thinking about getting a dog when I retire,” she shares. “My sister has a dog that I’m in … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Terry Brooks, Pre-Certification Coordinator

Terry Brooks started working 33 years ago at GIA in the transcription department when doctors would dictate everything on a recorder. She would transcribe their notes from patient visits and procedures, along with other correspondence. Now, Terry works in the pre-certification department, coordinating with insurance companies to get approval for patient procedures. Self-described as dedicated, this trait is evident in … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Debbie Simerly, Operations Director

On March 1, 1982, Debbie Simerly joined GIA, and after 39 years with the company, she remains passionate about promoting the importance of colon screenings and gastrointestinal health. That commitment is fueled both by her love for her work and losing a younger family member to colon cancer. “I love helping patients,” Debbie said. “The field and the technology have … Read More

Diet: A breakdown of a polarizing word

For many people, the word diet is a four-letter word – one that is lumped with other unpleasant words and has negative connotations. However, diet is simply the food and drink that a person regularly consumes. Our culture offers a laundry list of quick fixes, vilification of certain food groups, emotional triggers and societal “norms” that are tied to diet … Read More

GIA Welcomes Dr. Jason Huffman

Dr. Jason L. Huffman has joined Gastrointestinal Associates (GIA), one of the Southeast’s leading GI practices. “Dr. Huffman comes to us with a solid background in gastroenterology and a clinical focus on endoscopy, making him an excellent fit with our physicians,” Gastrointestinal Associates CEO Jeff Dew said. “He shares our team’s commitment to the highest quality of care for our … Read More