President Reagan’s colon cancer: Insight from Dr. Sarkis Chobanian

Patients and friends of Dr. Sarkis Chobanian know his esteemed past as a gastroenterologist at Bethesda Naval Hospital, where he served on the GI team for President Ronald Reagan. What many do not know, however, are the details of that experience: the physician who settled for nothing less than perfection and thus discovered Reagan’s colon cancer – and the risk … Read More

IBS Awareness Month: The facts of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

If you wonder whether you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), you aren’t alone. In fact, IBS can be so common that many people live undiagnosed with symptoms for years. April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month, so now is a great time to learn the facts about IBS. What is IBS? IBS is a functional disorder in the colon, meaning … Read More

Free Healthy Living event Jan. 4

  Ready to lose weight in 2018? GIA 180 can help. Join us Jan. 4 from 6-8 p.m. for a free Healthy Living event with food, fun, information and more! Check out the details below, and mark your calendar for Thursday, Jan. 4.

Colon Cancer Screening Day

Cancer screenings can save lives, and Gastrointestinal Associates is committed to providing and promoting screening colonoscopies in East Tennessee. That’s why GIA is holding Colon Cancer Screening Day on Saturday, October 28. We want to offer this opportunity for those of you who work throughout the week and can’t miss a day, allowing you to schedule a screening colonoscopy on … Read More

Young people at risk for colon and rectal cancer

Colorectal cancer screening is saving lives. According to a 2014 study released by the Yale Cancer Center, widespread screening has resulted in an estimated 550,000 fewer cases of colorectal cancer over the past three decades. That’s more than a half-million people who have avoided hearing the devastating diagnosis: “You have cancer.” That’s the good news. The not-so-good news comes from … Read More

GIA opens patient-centered Dowell Springs facility

Continuing to lead the way in gastroenterology care in East Tennessee, Gastrointestinal Associates (GIA) held a grand opening March 20 to celebrate its state-of-the-art Dowell Springs location that features a GI Clinic, Endoscopy Center, Crohn’s & Colitis Institute and GIA 180 Weight Management Center. “GIA has long been recognized for groundbreaking work in the field of gastroenterology and leading the … Read More

Gastrointestinal Associates launches GIA 180, a new weight loss program

Gastrointestinal Associates (GIA), one of the Southeast’s leading GI practices, has launched GIA 180, a program that uses a balanced, multifaceted and surgery-free approach to weight loss featuring ORBERA, the global market leader for intragastric balloons. Used in more than 220,000 people in over 80 countries, the ORBERA balloon is placed endoscopically and fills space in a patient’s stomach to … Read More

Gastrointestinal Associates and Realty Trust Group break ground on Dowell Springs facility

Continuing to lead the way in gastroenterology care in East Tennessee, Gastrointestinal Associates is investing $15 million to build a Dowell Springs location that will feature an Ambulatory Surgery Center, Center of Excellence for the treatment of Crohn’s and Colitis, and Comprehensive Weight Management Center. Gastrointestinal Associates (GIA) and Realty Trust Group (RTG) hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the facility … Read More

GIA’s ‘Free Screening Colonoscopy Day’ provides lifesaving care to East Tennessee

A team of medical specialists worked in clockwork precision at Gastrointestinal Associates on March 28 to provide free, and potentially lifesaving, screening colonoscopies to 42 patients in the program’s sixth year of helping the East Tennessee community. Free Screening Colonoscopy Day now has provided approximately 300 patients with the most-effective method to help prevent colon cancer or catch it in … Read More