GIA 180: Adopt and encourage healthy habits for men

Men are living shorter and sicker lives than women. June is Men’s Health Month, which is a time to raise awareness of preventable health issues and encourage early detection and treatment of disease. According to the Men’s Health Month organization, males outnumber females at birth 105:100, but by the age of 65-74, the male to female ratio falls to just 80:100.

There are three main messages from Men’s Health Month: Eat healthy, get moving and make prevention a priority. When you consider some of the biggest health issues impacting men such as heart disease (the number one cause of death among men), cancer, including prostate cancer, diabetes and erectile dysfunction, many of these issues can be delayed, prevented or better managed by adopting a healthy diet!

Since healthy diets are part of our areas of expertise at GIA 180, we can help guide you or get you back on course to manage your nutrition goals, whether it’s to adopt a healthier diet, lose weight or maintain weight loss.

The best guidelines in pursuing a healthier diet also are the simplest: limit processed foods and eat more whole foods such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Limit cholesterol and avoid saturated fat. Aim to eat food with fewer ingredients, which indicates that the food is closest to its original state.

Watch your beverage intake as well. Alcohol, soda and juices have tons of empty calories and cause unhealthy blood sugar spikes that disrupt many systems and can lead to conditions such as glucose intolerance. Keeping hydrated by drinking water offers a multitude of benefits including better digestion and function of organs.

Another simple way to cut back on calories is to monitor and control the portions of food we eat. American portions are often oversized and lead to overeating. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has an interesting quiz about portion sizes that highlights just how much they’ve shifted in just two decades. Take a look and test your own knowledge about portion sizes.  

At GIA 180, we offer nutrition and weight loss solutions with a trained coach and understand the unique needs of men and women alike. Contact GIA at 865-588-5121 for more information.