GIA 180: Three ways to celebrate World Heart Day
GIA 180: A four-week plan to make health goals routine
GIA 180: Fatty liver disease on the rise
GIA 180: Adopt and encourage healthy habits for men
GIA 180: Good nutrition and mental health
GIA 180: Demystifying food labels
GIA 180: Overcome barriers to healthier habits
GIA 180: Snacks galore! Conquering the big game snack spread
Are thyroid issues keeping you from losing weight?
Employee Spotlight: Sheron Whittier, Medical Assistant
What to do before 2022: Review your insurance
What to do before 2022: Plan for your colonoscopy
What to do before 2022: Finding the right doctor
The benefits of having a weight loss coach
Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Bean, LPN
Smart Swaps and Tips to Help Navigate Holiday Eating
Employee Spotlight: Gail Nipper, Medical Records Clerk
Employee Spotlight: Cathy Webber, Physician Administrative Assistant
Employee Spotlight: Julie Mincey, Certified Medical Assistant
Employee Spotlight: Vicki Vaughn, LPN
Employee Spotlight: Kathy Karnes, Director of Quality and Clinical Trials
Employee Spotlight: Amy Walker, Business Office Manager
Employee Spotlight: Linda Shamieh, Central Operator
Employee Spotlight: Janet Samples, Nurse Practitioner
Employee Spotlight: Sandy Woods, Medical Records
Gastrointestinal Associates welcomes Dr. Ramanujan Samavedy
Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Adams, LPN
Employee Spotlight: Kathi Lonas, Supervisor
Employee Spotlight: Gina Rains, PRN
Employee Spotlight: Mary Garner, Certified Medical Coder
Employee Spotlight: Terry Brooks, Pre-Certification Coordinator
March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. Help GIA end colon cancer!
March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month!
Employee Spotlight: Debbie Simerly, Operations Director
Diet: A breakdown of a polarizing word
Gastrointestinal Associates welcomes Dr. Kevin Patrick Meyers
Gastrointestinal Associates welcomes Dr. Hannah Jones
Enjoy your summer and prioritize eating well
Telehealth now available
Make healthy choices in 2019 with these tips
How to survive and thrive during food holidays
Gastrointestinal Associates announces reaccreditation of The Endoscopy Centers
Barrett’s esophagus presents risks but treatments available
Trouble swallowing? What you need to know about dysphagia.
Celiac Disease Awareness Month: Don’t go undiagnosed
President Reagan’s colon cancer: Insight from Dr. Sarkis Chobanian
IBS Awareness Month: The facts of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Reclaim your life with the Ideal Protein program
New incentives to commit to weight loss
Cologuard: At-home test is not for everyone
Free Healthy Living event Jan. 4
Traveler’s Diarrhea: Avoiding or addressing this unwelcome travel companion
Obesity tied to rise in cancer rate
Colon Cancer Screening Day
Single Balloon Enteroscopy yields visual, diagnostic tools for disorders of small intestine
Video Capsule Endoscopy
Obese young men more likely to suffer liver disease or cancer
Free seminar on how to lose 2-4 pounds per week
GIA 180 is changing lives
Young people at risk for colon and rectal cancer
GIA opens patient-centered Dowell Springs facility
Free seminar on losing weight with Ideal Protein
Gastroenterologists urged to take leadership role in battle against obesity
Reach your ideal weight with Ideal Protein
GIA 180 offers Ideal Protein
GIA 180 leads the way in bariatric endoscopy
GIA Welcomes Dr. Jason Huffman
How ‘bulky’ is your fiber knowledge?
Studies linking PPIs to dementia are no need for panic
Ready to lose weight? We’re here to help.
Gastrointestinal Associates launches GIA 180, a new weight loss program
Gastrointestinal Associates welcomes Dr. Jeff Gilbert
Colonoscopies and car shopping: What do they have in common?
Gastrointestinal Associates and Realty Trust Group break ground on Dowell Springs facility
Reflux – Acid or Bile? Know the difference
GIA’s ‘Free Screening Colonoscopy Day’ provides lifesaving care to East Tennessee
Fecal transplants show promise in treating C. difficile infection
Superbug concerns, questions spread nationwide
New cancer screening test now available
Drug-induced liver injury: Are health supplements making you sick?
Colonoscopies: Too much of a good thing?
We’re losing the battle of the bulge
Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes create national health crisis
ENDO Trial explores investigational treatment option for type 2 diabetes
Gastrointestinal Associates welcomes Dr. Matthew Moore
Stand up: Sitting linked to higher risk of colon cancer
Fecal incontinence follow-up: New report indicates severity of problem
Gastrointestinal Associates announces partnership to serve local veterans
Fecal Incontinence: Don’t Suffer in Silence
Yale Study: Colorectal Cancer Screening Saves Lives
Celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day
Celiac Disease: Say ‘Yes’ to the Test
Who’s your doctor? When it comes to colonoscopies, it matters.
Colon polyps 101: What are they and how are they related to colon cancer?
GIA’s Free Screening Colonoscopy Day Marks Five Years, Nearly 250 People Screened
Gastrointestinal Associates launches ‘My GIA’ patient portal to provide convenient access
GIA’s free Screening Colonoscopy Day marks five years, nearly 250 people who have received lifesaving test
African Americans face higher colon cancer risk, should have screening colonoscopy earlier
Leading the way in the war against colorectal cancer
New treatment offers new hope for those with Hepatitis C
Remembering Dr. J. David Lee
Gastrointestinal Associates welcomes Dr. James Swenson
Microbiome: The trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that call our bodies home represent a new frontier in health and medicine
Extensive international study unequivocally concludes colorectal cancer screening works
Don’t let your GI condition take the “jolly” out of your holidays
Have you heard about GERD?
Stomach Cancer Awareness Month: Disease less prevalent in United States but remains dangerous
Gastrointestinal Associates proud of its record: zero cases of C. difficile infection
An Aspirin a Day…
WBIR covers GIA’s public workshop for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity
GIA Physicians applaud FDA’s Definition of ‘Gluten Free’
“Living Well Gluten Free” workshops
Probiotics: As good as advertised?
GIA physicians routinely exceed national quality goal for colonoscopy
Behind the scenes: Highest caliber, fellowship-trained pathologists examine all patient specimens in GIA’s on-premises laboratory
The CRH O’Regan system offers hemorrhoid patients a simple, painless and quick treatment option
May is National Celiac Awareness Month
May is National Celiac Disease Awareness Month
GIA’s gastroenterologists have fun while videotaping Fox 43 TV spot
Study Finds No Link between B Vitamin Supplements and Colon Cancer Risk
New study finds screening colonoscopy reduces colon cancer death risk by 70 percent
Are Antibiotics Making Patients Sick?
Third annual GI Roundtable is a success
Statins May Reduce Esophageal Cancer Risk
No Relief for Your Heartburn? NERD may be the culprit
National physician gathering aimed at advancing GI care, furthering patients’ best interests during time of sweeping reform change
Fourth Annual Gastrointestinal Associates’ Screening Colonoscopy Day is Lifesaving
New drug shows promise in treating symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
Alternative treatment for Barrett’s esophagus — condition results from chronic acid reflux
Study findings: diabetics may benefit from earlier colonoscopies
Would you contradict your doctor?
GIA’s Top 10 Digestive Habits to Avoid or Adopt
Is your medication causing diarrhea?
Colonoscopies save patients from the knife
Reduce your colon cancer risk: have a colonoscopy
Tattooing, manicures may increase risk of hepatitis C
Acid Reflux on the Rise
Patients are the true test of performance quality
Leading the way in GI Healthcare
Good news for southern women: reduced risk of inflammatory bowel disease
Oh, my aching gallbladder!
Raise Awareness on National Celiac Disease Awareness Day
Brachytherapy offers targeted treatment for esophageal cancer
Heed the warning signs of Pancreatitis
Osteoporosis Medications Can Cause Gastrointestinal Discomfort
GI Roundtable highlights focus on patient care
How to be Worry Free about Gluten-Free
New Medicare Benefits Focus on Prevention
What’s making you burp?
Act Now! March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
Second annual GIA Screening Colonoscopy Day helps build awareness
Ulcers: Separating Fact from Fiction
Cirrhosis: A Serious Condition
Let’s Not Complicate Surgery with Infections
A Closer Look at Crohn’s Disease
Hemorrhoids: What a Pain!
Three Things Won’t Change with Health Care Reform
Research Helps GIA Physicians Achieve Better Outcomes
Act Now! Colorectal Cancer Can be Prevented
Going Gluten-free
Is Heartburn Becoming a Problem?
Cost and Convenience Important for Quality Health Care
Your Gallbladder Can Be a Pain
Getting to the Right Source
Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be more than just an Irritation
GIA Screening Colonoscopy Day Huge Success
Colonoscopies for the Worthy, and a Message for All
Is Colon Cleansing Helpful or Balderdash?
GIA Confronts Diagnosis Issues With Eosinophilic Esophagitis
GIA Patients Benefit from Our Participation in Research
Your Colonoscopy