Employee Spotlight: Gina Rains, PRN

“I went to work for GIA in October of 1985, and I was employee number 15 doing patient care for office endoscopy,” Gina Rains shares. “Back then, the scopes were rigid, and we were so limited Now I’m retired from full-time work and am so blessed to be a PRN. After years of being a manager, it’s good to just get to be a nurse. I’m involved in patient care – in the recovery room mostly – as well as discharge and teaching.”

Gina is thankful for serving under GIA co-founder Dr. Bergein “Gene” Overholt and for his fair and solid leadership. “He is a pioneer and such a good man! With his work on the flexible endoscope, we became able to take out polyps during procedures instead of performing major abdominal surgery for cancer. Our field has come a long way and keeps getting better.”

She encourages everyone to get screenings as recommended – and listen to both their bodies and their doctor’s advice.

Gina said her work is still her passion, and “I’m blessed with good health and grateful for the people that I’ve been surrounded by for my life and career, and that includes getting to work with coworkers and patients that I’ve known for such a long time.”

Just this year, she started a new tradition: “I kept the Christmas cards I received in a stack and every day I pick one and pray for that family. I also call some of them and it’s been so wonderful to reconnect. I read about doing this, and I’m so glad that I remembered it and am doing it every day.”

Gina enjoys time with her family, including her husband, son and two sisters and church family. Every day, she takes two long walks with her 11-year-old yellow labs, the “hilarious” Star and Sandy.