Employee Spotlight: Julie Mincey, Certified Medical Assistant

Julie Mincey is a certified medical assistant who works in the procedure room at GIA. Her work covers a spectrum of care, including charting, pathology, biopsies and more, for patients who are in for screenings and consults.

When she started at GIA in May 2000, she worked in the recovery room. She loves being there for the patients – especially those who have some anxiety about the process. “I’ve been on both sides of the bed, so I can help by walking them through what will happen, comforting them and assuring them that they’ll not feel any pain.”

She remembers learning so much from Dr. Bergein “Gene” Overholt, co-founder of GIA, in the procedure room, especially about a patient he was treating for esophageal cancer. “Seeing a patient who can’t swallow their own saliva, then being there after months of treatment when they are cleared as cancer free – that is the best feeling in the whole world and so special to be a part of that.”

After losing a friend to liver cancer after no symptoms other than weakness, Julie urges everyone to “know your family history. Know your body. When something isn’t right – if you’re fatigued or weak and can’t put your finger on it – go to the doctor. Take it a step further and stay on top of your health.”

Some friends say she’s a workaholic, and some are surprised to know that Julie is also a paramedic and registered through Knox County as armed security. She recently ended her second full-time security job at a local company.  

Julie’s grandchildren: Harmony, Harper and Landon

When not at work, she she’s on the go. “I have two children and three grandchildren, and I love spending time with them. I’m always out and about, going and doing – I love to surround myself with family and friends.”

Julie’s children: CiAnne and Marina

She also enjoys painting – “crafts, jars and furniture, mostly” – and driving her Jeep. “I like to put the top down and go through the mountains!” Down time also includes reading – mostly FBI and suspense.

Julie reflects on her time at GIA by saying: “I could not have picked a better job for myself 21 years ago. I’ve been in this field for nearly 32 years, and I’ve never worked with a better group of understanding and caring physicians who give of their own time, encourage teaching and education and support their team. It’s great to be appreciated.”