Reclaim your life with the Ideal Protein program

I want to share the story of an incredible woman named Candice. She started the Ideal Protein program less than a year ago in July 2017. In nine months, she has lost more than 100 pounds, changed her habits – and changed her life. Stories like hers are the reason dietitian Katelyn Bianconi and I are so invested in GIA 180 weight loss solutions. Like Candice says, they work.

Candice’s story:

I have been overweight and on rollercoaster diets most of my life. Carrying around that much extra weight was a burden and kept me from doing so many things. 

I finally decided I had enough; I wanted to live and enjoy my life. I came across GIA and Ideal Protein and decided to give it a shot.

I have lost 109 pounds and am doings things I could never do before from riding a bicycle – it had been 20 years! – to walking without foot and knee pain to running outside with my daughter.

I’ve dropped five pant sizes, lost a total of more than 45 inches, and my blood pressure and A1C (blood sugar) levels have significantly improved. I can play on the floor with my daughter. I can climb a flight of stairs without being winded when I get to the top. I can sit on a couch or chair and not have to worry if I can get myself back up.

Thanks to GIA 180, there is nothing I can’t do.

Ideal Protein worked for me because it is so simple to follow. Katelyn told me on the first day that if you follow the plan, you lose weight. It works! I love that someone tells me what I’m supposed to eat, and I don’t have to decide on my own. My body has responded so well to this program, and best of all there are so many choices that everyone can find something they like.

I am a dental hygienist who enjoys gardening, crafting and spending time with family. But for years I have been held back from really enjoying life because I was overweight.

If you’re like me and have failed diet after diet, are tired of not being able to live your life or feel like there’s no hope for you, try Ideal Protein. The coaches are wonderful, kind, genuine people who truly care about you and will never judge or criticize. Give them a call and set up your appointment today.

Don’t wait! It’s worth it!

Gastrointestinal Associates GIA 180 Ideal Protein weight loss program – along with coaching, support sessions and specific meal plans – delivers success.

Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, Ideal Protein could be the ideal program. Ideal Protein also can help you lose weight in order to reach a BMI of 30-40 to qualify for our ORBERA or ReShape procedures. Call us at 865-558-0601 so we can help you turn your life 180 degrees.