Employee Spotlight: Cathy Webber, Physician Administrative Assistant

October marks 21 years since physician administrative assistant Cathy Webber started at GIA. She’s grown into this role from her first position in pre-certification, then assisting the clinical trials team, then as a secretary for GIA co-founder Dr. Bergein “Gene” Overholt. Today, she supports all of the GIA physicians by helping them stay on top of continuing education and credentialing (facility credentialing, too) as well as other needs such as dictation, medical records and human resources.

“I know a lot of stuff – the ‘ins and outs’ – and I’m here for the physicians and directors,” Cathy shares. With 16 doctors and six nurse practitioners, she has a lot to do, and “I like to do it.”

Working in a family atmosphere is rewarding, and Cathy made it clear: “I love GIA! The physicians have been very supportive, and it means a lot when they have confidence in what I’m doing. Our doctors take care of their employees, the company offers excellent benefits, and the family feel is what I like the most.”  

Regarding the importance of the work of GIA, she implores, “Get your colonoscopy! It is very, very important. If you’re getting regularly screening, colon cancer can be cured if caught early, and if you have a family history of colon cancer, come in earlier for screening.”

Cathy Webber, her daughter, Sarah, her son, Alex, and husband, Pat

Cathy and her husband, Pat, who works at GIA part-time as a courier, sold their home of 43 years to their daughter in October 2020 and moved into an apartment nearby. “The apartment has a swimming pool, and my grandchildren enjoyed it a lot in the summer!” She enjoys time with her children and four grandchildren and tries to see them frequently.

Cathy enjoys exploring locally with Pat. “My husband and I get in the car with no particular destination and hit the backroads. I like little towns, stopping at antique shops and we try to do it every weekend.”