Employee Spotlight: Amy Walker, Business Office Manager

“I’m not near old enough to have been here 22 years,” jokes Amy Walker, business office manager at GIA. A professional coder, her biggest function is to make sure the work of the physicians and nurse practitioners gets billed and paid for correctly.

The best thing about her profession is that “it never stays the same,” she explained. “You don’t have time to get stagnant. I like the challenge!” The dedication of her coworkers to both patients and each other keeps her going. “Everybody that works here cares about what they do. They want to get it right. They put their all into it and from top management on down, the patients are our biggest priority. It’s a great, great bunch – we’re all one big family.”

She loves to laugh but wants everyone to take gastrointestinal health seriously. “People need to understand the need for the screening colonoscopies. A lot of times, there are no symptoms until it’s too late.”

After recently losing her husband, her family and coworkers stepped in for support. “When the love of my life through 39 years of marriage passed away, my two daughters and two grandchildren became my rock. I don’t know what I’d do without them. My coworkers don’t pry but let me talk when I need to and are so understanding. GIA has been my haven.”

Amy and Jim Walker

Amy is a voracious reader but laughs when she shares that “my life has not been the same since I discovered Netflix. I’ve never been much of a TV watcher, but now I love watching period and historical pieces and keep coming back for more. You never know, I may need that trivia someday.”

Looking ahead, she notes “My one secret desire before I leave this Earth is to learn how to tango. I’m almost 70 years old, so I don’t know if I can do the back bends, but I’ve always loved dance, especially the tango – it’s so emotional.”