Obese young men more likely to suffer liver disease or cancer

Charles M. O'Connor

As the pounds continue to pile on, so do the studies tying obesity to cancer and other illnesses. Most recently, a Swedish study found that overweight young men ages 18 or 19 had a 50 percent greater risk of developing liver disease than their normal weight counterparts. Worse yet, those who went on to develop type 2 diabetes tripled their … Read More

Superbug concerns, questions spread nationwide

It may sound like something out of a science fiction movie: a drug-resistant superbug bacteria claiming the lives of patients who were infected while undergoing medical procedures at an established hospital. Unfortunately, this alarming news is all too real. News media recently reported that two patients have died and five others were infected after being exposed to CRE, a drug-resistant … Read More

Celiac Disease: Say ‘Yes’ to the Test

With much information – and, unfortunately, misinformation – about gluten currently available, people are self-diagnosing themselves as gluten-sensitive and trying to eliminate the protein from their diet. Is that a good idea? Absolutely not.

Gastrointestinal Associates proud of its record: zero cases of C. difficile infection

An intestinal pathogen can wreak havoc within hospitals and medical facilities, putting patients at considerable risk of infection and its accordant complications. Avoiding an outbreak is paramount at our three endoscopy centers at Gastrointestinal Associates. A recent study presented in Denver at the 53rd Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC) noted that the rates of Clostridium difficile infection … Read More

Patients are the true test of performance quality

Gastrointestinal Associates is committed to providing our patients with top quality medical care, whether you are coming in for an office visit or are a patient at one of our Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). But how do you measure quality?

Hemorrhoids: What a Pain!

Hemorrhoids, which are basically varicose veins of the rectum, occur when veins in the anal canal or lower rectum become swollen or inflamed. While many people joke about hemorrhoids, this painful condition is no laughing matter.

Cost and Convenience Important for Quality Health Care

At GIA, we are committed to providing the very best in gastrointestinal health care for our patients. That means board certified physicians, skilled nurses and caring support personnel. We have one of the most educated and experienced staffs and one of the most technologically advanced facilities available.