Colonoscopies save patients from the knife

For National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month in March, GIA is urging everyone to schedule a colonoscopy to reduce your risk of dying from colon cancer by at least 50 percent. One patient, Harrogate banker John Buis, is glad he did.

John was referred to me a few months ago for a routine screening. He was experiencing no pain or symptoms of any kind. Though it’s recommended to schedule your first regular colonoscopy at age 50, this was 66-year-old John Buis’ first screening. During the procedure, I discovered a fairly large polyp and was able to completely remove the polyp during the colonoscopy.

The pathology of the polyp showed that it was in fact malignant. By catching the colon cancer early, we were able to cure him and save John from advanced therapy or surgery through a simple, painless procedure. Had he waited until symptoms had developed, the cancer would likely have already advanced and spread.

I followed up a few weeks ago with John to check the site where the polyp was removed, and he is completely cancer-free!

Recently, John talked to Lori Tucker at WATE-TV about his experience and how his life has changed after this discovery. Listen to John’s story in his own words, and let it inspire you to schedule your regular screening today.