Getting to the Right Source

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I am finding new media is opening up incredible ways to provide information that can help keep people well – and for others to share that information with people who need it.

When a symptom appears or when medical questions arise, many people now are checking the Internet first to see if the situation warrants a physician visit. The Internet can be a useful tool in helping to point you in the right direction and a little more comfortable than asking health-related questions over the phone.

However, keep in mind that anyone can put information on the Internet. The key is to make sure the information you are getting is from a reliable source.

Before you believe what you read online, check out the source. For information on gastrointestinal health – including colonoscopies, irritable bowels, gallbladder pain, reflux and so on – you can trust what the experts at Gastrointestinal Associates have to say.

Our Facebook page is filled with information about our doctors and from our doctors, so you can read about an issue and decide if it is time to make an appointment to see us in person. We also have a lot of great information to help you prevent gastrointestinal health issues.

As the main source of nutrition for your body, your gastrointestinal tract plays a vital role in your overall health and wellness. The physicians at GIA are experts in gastrointestinal health, with the knowledge and helpful information you need to keep feeling your best. For example, did you know a fiber deficiency is a leading cause of constipation which can lead to diverticulosis? Adding a little flavorless bran to your favorite foods can help you add fiber to your diet and prevent gastrointestinal problems.

For the latest, most reliable information on gastrointestinal health, turn to Gastrointestinal Associates. Check out our Facebook page or see our recent videos on YouTube with patient testimonials and news worthy information. It’s the best place to find health information from experts who know and care.