Dr. Nevin (Daniel)

Medical School
University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL
Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Gastrointestinal and General Surgical Pathology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock AR

Dr. Nevin first became interested in the specialty of pathology while participating in the Honors in Pathology seminar in medical school. His residency training in pathology was completed at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. It was during this residency that Dr. Nevin developed an interest in the subspecialty of gastrointestinal pathology, due to the high volume of gastroenterology specimens encountered in that program.


This led to a subspecialty fellowship in gastrointestinal pathology (the fellowship also included training in general surgical pathology) in Arkansas under the direction of Dr. Laura W. Lamps, a nationally recognized expert in gastrointestinal pathology.


After working for years at one of the largest corporate laboratories in the country, Dr. Nevin was delighted to join the staff of Gastrointestinal Associates (GIA), a practice that prioritizes patient care over all else: this is a philosophy that is not always pursued to the fullest in the corporate world. In order to help further GIA’s mission of providing the best quality patient care, Dr. Nevin works closely with his gastroenterologist colleagues, providing diagnostic evaluation of patients’ endoscopic biopsies.


Outside of the office, Dr. Nevin enjoys reading, philosophy, physical fitness, film, and sports (primarily baseball).