GIA Physicians applaud FDA’s Definition of ‘Gluten Free’

Imagine if eating a certain food ingredient would not only make you sick, but also threaten your health or possibly even your life? What if you couldn’t trust that foods labeled free of this ingredient were accurate? That’s been the situation faced by millions of people who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. The only treatment for these conditions is … Read More

“Living Well Gluten Free” workshops

Gastrointestinal Associates, in partnership with Knoxville author and celiac disease expert Janet McKenzie Prince, will present a free, public workshops to help people who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity understand their condition and learn how to shop, prepare healthy meals and eat at restaurants. The workshop, “Living Well Gluten Free” will be held Thursday, October 17. Gastrointestinal Associates physician … Read More

How to be Worry Free about Gluten-Free

Receiving a diagnosis of Celiac disease means a complete lifestyle change. The only accepted treatment of Celiac disease is a 100-percent gluten-free diet. Until recently, gluten-free products were sold only in specialty stores, and dietary options were extremely limited.