Employee Spotlight: Sheron Whittier, Medical Assistant

For nearly 16 years, Sheron Whittier has served at GIA, first as a float nurse and now as a medical assistant, working with Dr. Hannah Jones. “I worked with Dr. Barry Maves for 12 years until he retired, and I am so glad that I got to keep so many of my patients who now are now with Dr. Jones!” … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Bean, LPN

Stephanie Bean, LPN, started at GIA more than 15 years ago as a float nurse, then as a nurse for two other doctors, and is now a float nurse – a role she calls a team nurse for good reason – for three GIA locations, helping all the providers. She shares: “I have to wear many, many hats. From pill … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Gail Nipper, Medical Records Clerk

GIA medical records clerk Gail Nipper strives to be compassionate, helpful and caring and tries to treat people as she would want to be treated. “I enjoy interaction with patients and being able to help others. I always think about who is on the other side of the counter and put myself in their shoes,” she shares. When Gail started … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Cathy Webber, Physician Administrative Assistant

October marks 21 years since physician administrative assistant Cathy Webber started at GIA. She’s grown into this role from her first position in pre-certification, then assisting the clinical trials team, then as a secretary for GIA co-founder Dr. Bergein “Gene” Overholt. Today, she supports all of the GIA physicians by helping them stay on top of continuing education and credentialing … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Julie Mincey, Certified Medical Assistant

Julie Mincey is a certified medical assistant who works in the procedure room at GIA. Her work covers a spectrum of care, including charting, pathology, biopsies and more, for patients who are in for screenings and consults. When she started at GIA in May 2000, she worked in the recovery room. She loves being there for the patients – especially … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Vicki Vaughn, LPN

Vicki Vaughn is a licensed practical nurse (LPN) who started working as a team, or floating, nurse in the fall of 1999. She quickly moved to work exclusively for Dr. Sarkis Chobanian and has been his nurse for more than 20 years. She says, “I love to take care of my patients. It’s my passion. I want to help them … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Kathy Karnes, Director of Quality and Clinical Trials

As a nurse for more than 43 years, Kathy Karnes has spent the last 34 years in gastroenterology. She serves in two director roles in quality and clinical trials. “The best thing about my job is that every day is different – offering new challenges and rewards.” She oversees clinical trials for medications and devices related to GI diseases. “There … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Amy Walker, Business Office Manager

“I’m not near old enough to have been here 22 years,” jokes Amy Walker, business office manager at GIA. A professional coder, her biggest function is to make sure the work of the physicians and nurse practitioners gets billed and paid for correctly. The best thing about her profession is that “it never stays the same,” she explained. “You don’t … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Linda Shamieh, Central Operator

“I love talking to people! Love it,” shares Linda Shamieh. It’s a good thing since, as the central operator for GIA, she fields calls for all three locations to get callers where they need to go. She’s been the operator for more than two decades, recently celebrating 23 years with GIA. “GIA is a wonderful place to be,” Linda says. … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Janet Samples, Nurse Practitioner

After almost 21 years with Gastrointestinal Associates, Nurse Practitioner Janet Samples is approaching retirement, but won’t commit just yet to an exact date. “I was supposed to retire in January,” she says with a laugh, “but I’m here full-time overseeing and training staff to take over at the infusion center. Maybe I’ll retire in August?” The infusion center at Dowell … Read More